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Light Industrial and Manufacturing


You may be an owner/operator of a light industrial and manufacturing operation which has taken a growth spurt.

You've looked around, seen how the facility operates and how it could operate more efficiently by combining certain aspects into one space. You need an office area. Instead of having segments scattered throughout the building, you need to free up valuable space by consolidating job functions. There are wasted employee steps taken every day and you desperately need an office area.

Proper Design = Better Flow and Efficiency

By making better use of the space, you can see many benefits:
  • More efficient work flow
  • Improved working conditions for staff consolidated work station
  • Lower dust & grime accumulation on sensitive equipment
  • An improved area for greeting and conferring with clients
  • Better privacy for sensitive conversations
  • Better communications between departments
  • Improved use of space
Our craftsmen can help you design an interior office area which will accomplish all these goals, turning wasted space in your facility into more productive and useful space.

What We Can Do

By working with you, our team of craftsmen can look at your light industrial and manufacturing facility, seeing what type of building in which it's now housed, and make suggestions for the best use of your existing area.

We may need to lower the ceiling area by ten or twenty feet to accommodate the best use and positioning of lighting, extend your HVAC delivery system, run wiring for electrical outlets and for electronic communications equipment such as computer terminals and facsimile machines. We can also install sound-proof insulation and panels to ensure the din of outside activity doesn't invade the new office space. In other words, our company works with you to enable you to realize the vision you have for the area inside of your light industrial and manufacturing facility.

You dream it, plan it and envision it--then we make it happen.

Crawl, Then Walk

You may have begun an operation on a shoestring, then, because of your commitment to quality and your passion to refine and improve your product, business grew. In the earliest stages, it began with a crawl, then it reached the walking point. Now, before it becomes a trot, advance to the next step and let us help. We want to be part of your future growth. Our desire to strive for excellence is no different than yours. When you're ready to invest in the future, to accomplish those next rungs on the ladder, call on us. We'll bring a commitment to match your own.

Call us today for more information or to book a free consultation!

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