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Storm Damage


High winds, heavy rain and hail are all threats to your home or business...If your property has suffered storm damage, it's imperative that you work with licensed and experienced professionals who can assess the full scope of the damage, work with your insurance company and complete any necessary repairs, replacements or construction as quickly as possible.

Even if your property's structures seem to have survived a severe storm unscathed, an immediate inspection is a must. Undetected water damage or weakening of your building's structural components is not always readily apparent. A thorough walk-thru by Build it Brothers could alert you to undercover damage that can cause serious problems down the road.

Full-Service Storm Damage Recovery

In most cases, storm damage isn't limited to a single repair. There are many layers to the destruction that unfolds. Build it Brothers is your one-stop solution for any damage your property incurs as a result of Mother Nature or a an accidental disaster. Contact Us online or give us a call (513.488.1000) to receive a FREE onsite estimate so we can assist you in creating a plan of action.

Our Storm Damage Recovery Services Include:

General property improvements. Felled trees, broken fence lines, severe flooding and erosion - all of these health and safety hazards need to be cleaned up and repaired as soon as possible to ensure your household, employees and/or customers can safely navigate and occupy the property. We can also help you replace damaged landscaping.

Repairs of roofs, siding and windows. Your structure's roofs, siding and windows are the most susceptible to storm damage. In some cases, your building may only require a few simple repairs. If the damage is more severe, full replacement, renovation or remodeling may be in order. In any case, we will assess the damage, guide you through the insurance settlement process to expedite your payment, and will look beyond the surface to clean-up any water damage that can lead to mold, mildew or rot later on.

Building security and cleanup. Plainly stated, storm damage can cause a big, huge mess. If your roof, siding or windows are damaged, odds are the interior spaces adjacent to the repair sites are in a state of disrepair. Our crew is happy to secure the building and property perimeter for you, perform general storm damage clean-up and repairs - including the replacement of interior structural furnishings, like paint, flooring, cabinetry, countertops and so on, so you can feel back at home in no time.

After the Storm

If your property, home or business has experienced storm damage, the following steps will help:
  • Safety first! Never assume downed power lines are safe; they could still be hot. Turn off gas and water mains at the building site if necessary and get in touch with utility companies for more detailed instructions.
  • Contact professionals to assess the damage. We recommend calling a professional storm damage repair company before calling the insurance company. This way, you will have a bona-fide list of damages and recommended repairs, which will expedite the insurance claims process.
  • Contact your insurance agent. Once you know exactly where you stand, contact your insurance agent to get the claims process started.
Storm damage recovery is never fun, but choosing the right contractor for the job will make the recovery process as simple, streamlined and stress-free as possible.

Build it Brothers prioritizes honesty, integrity and craftsmanship above all, so we feel 100% confident we will do the best job getting your home or business in tip-top shape. Contact Us to schedule your FREE onsite estimate so we can get to work! 513.488.1000.

Insurance Claims

Filing an insurance claim and waiting for the insurance company to process the claim takes time, delaying necessary clean up and repairs. A little advanced preparation can help speed the process along and reduce some of the stress. Whether you have an initial quote for storm damage repairs or are waiting for an insurance adjuster to evaluate the damage, obtaining a second opinion beforehand can help save you both time and money. Contact us to obtain a free second opinion before consulting with your insurer so you can start your repairs as soon as possible.

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