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Strip Mall & Office


Build it Brothers works with a broad range of businesses that seek to develop, convert, or expand strip mall or office build out for their specific purposes.

No matter what sort of space you need, we work with you to execute your plans and help you invest in your business' future.

The Planning Phase

You don't have to be an architect or an interior designer to start planning your strip mall or office build out. Some clients come to us with every detail planned, knowing exactly what they need. But, many others come with a few photographs or sketches showing their ideas for their space, or even just a simple description of their business and its basic needs. Build it Brothers helps customers like you design your space, no matter where you are in the planning process.

Special Considerations and Code Requirements

Depending on the type of build-out you're considering, you may have specialized needs. For example, a medical professional like a doctor, dentist, optometrist, or chiropractor will find that most strip mall spaces are easy to move their office into, and the build-out process will be comparatively simple. By contrast, a restaurant must adhere closely to code.

If your business needs permits, or if it must meet certain code requirements, we consult closely with architects during the planning phase. Architects will double-check the code requirements and ensure that your space will be able to get all necessary permits.

Mechanical Needs

After the planning phase, we begin to take the building's mechanical design into consideration. Our craftsmen ensure it meets your business' needs and adheres to any code requirements. Naturally, a restaurant has different plumbing and ventilation requirements than a retail space or an office does.

This phase typically involves creating or adjusting the space's HVAC, plumbing, and electricity needs. Planning and working with these may involve consultation with the building's owner or property manager.

The Build-Out Itself

Once the technical aspects are taken care of, we start the strip mall or office build out and execute the agreed upon design. We concentrate on the details that make your business' space distinctive, which include but are not limited to the space's flooring and framing, the ceiling, any finishes you've selected, and the space's light fixtures.

Depending on the design you selected during the planning phase, the work during this phase can be simple and straightforward, or extremely intricate. Your design may also be extremely customized in order to make your space distinctive to your customers and clients and to meet your business' special needs.

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