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Water Restoration


You have discovered water damage in your home. The family room ceiling and walls are compromised and have significant staining after a thunderstorm.

How has this water infiltration happened, and what should you do about it? Should you put a claim in on your homeowner’s policy?

The answers to all these questions can come from the trained and experienced water restoration experts at Build it Brothers in the Tristate area. Build it Brothers understand how and where water can undermine the roof, walls and foundation of your home. They can help you interact with your insurance company to get a claim filed correctly and promptly so your house can be brought back to like-new condition.

Water Will Find Its Way

Roof and foundation damage are two common ways water infiltrates a residence. The most obvious culprit is storm activity, but did you know that water can damage your home because of problems that are not so easy for the homeowner to see?
  • The gutter and downspouts system on a house collect rainwater and move it away from the roof, siding, foundation and landscape plants. When this system clogs with leaves, dirt, twigs and other natural debris, water overflows and pools against the house, wearing away the foundation.
  • During the winter, water pipes in poorly insulated exterior walls can freeze and burst. Few people know of this structural defect, or even know how to turn their water off when leaving a home to travel south for the winter.
  • Some homes have grading problems which send storm water toward a home and foundation instead of away from it.
  • Water takes the easiest route. Water that infiltrates a roof may not always show up on the second floor but can wind its way around PVC pipes and soak through dry wall on the first floor.
Frankly, it takes a practiced eye to detect water damage, assess its source, know how to fix it and interact with the insurance company to get a claim filed correctly. If you find yourself in need of water restoration services for your residence, call Build it Brothers for a consultation.
They will come to your home for a free estimate and will even represent you when the claims adjuster comes to look at your property. Get the claim and the work done right the first time. Call them at 513-488-1000 for an appointment.

Call us today for more information or to book a free consultation!

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